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Combined Section Meeting

Combined Section Meeting at San Antonio Texas, February 15 - 18, 2017. Pictured above on the first row are Claudia Carhart, Program Director Arlene McCarthy, and past and present residents - Katie Parafinczuk, Lena Rudolph, Theresa Najjar, Preeti Oza and Christina Tsutsumi. …

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Proud Sponsor Of PT Gap

  Kaiser Permanente Neurologic Residency program has joined to sponsor the Physical Therapy Global Access Project - PT GAP. PT GAP is non-profit and founded in 2015 by the Texas Woman’s Doctor of Physical Therapy class of 2017.  The idea behind PT…

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Two Countries – One Goal

It was a pleasure having students and faculty members from the School of Physical Therapy, Saitama Medical University in Japan, visit our Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency Program in September. The Program Director, Arlene McCarthy, spent about two hours giving them…

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