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Moving Day Community Service

Moving Day

What a wonderful and uplifting experience! Perhaps my favorite part of the experience was handing a gentleman in a wheelchair who appeared to be fairly advanced in his Parkinson Disease a sign that said “Dopamine makes me :)” during the instructional Dance for PD exercises.  He seemed quite interested in the dance, though was not attempting any of the moves himself, despite having a seated instructor leading seated exercises.  But when I handed him the sign, he gave me a huge smile and proceeded to hold it proudly throughout the rest of the dance demos.  It was moving (no pun intended).  It truly warmed my heart to watch all the exercise demos with people of all ages, ethnicities, and stages of the disease, coming together to participate to their personal best ability.  I witnessed one couple decide to tango during the boxing demo, which actually went quite well with the boxing moves as well as the music being played.  It was remarkable to see some many people participating in the days activities, willingly participating.  I have come to learn that much of my job as a physical therapist is to engage my patients in such a way that they want to participate.  This event demonstrated such a variety of techniques to engage in exercise, that it seemed most people were able to simply find what most called to them and give it their all.  I personally believe the point of the event given the name was successfully accomplished; to get people with Parkinson Disease moving!

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  1. it is a big eye opener to see so many people with movement issues in one place and it always makes me realize I should never take the possibility of movement for granted. when we treat 1:1 we can often overlook this fact but in a large group function such as moving day when the impaired movers often outnumber those who can move as they wish it is hard to ignore. I agree, connecting to people at a place they want to participate is key and when this occurs is always a bit magical.

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