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Neuro PT Practice Survey

The Degenerative Diseases SIG and Practice Committee have developed a Neuro PT practice survey. The goal of the survey is to identify the needs of membership (and non-members) related to neurologic PT practice. The hope is that the information they gather will help the SIGs and the practice committee streamline the type of resources, information, materials, products members and non-members find most useful. They would like to invite you to participate in the survey. In addition, if you would also send to your colleagues/friends etc-that would be great! You may cut and paste this brief description and link to the survey:

The Practice Committee aims to understand how to best serve clinicians and what resources would be most useful to improve evidence-based care. Please feel free to share this survey with other clinicians and colleagues who are also working in neurologic physical therapy and may not be involved in the APTA and/or Neuro Section.

On behalf of the Degenerative Diseases SIG and Practice Committee, Neurology Section, APTA, thank you for your time.

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  1. This survey took me about 10 minutes to fill out ~ and it was worth every minute. I encourage each of you who serve patients/clients/members with neurological conditions to take the time now to fill this out. This is about our profession, our future. It’s in our hands.

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